A Balcony in Venice

Change your perspective, change your mind

Following the weekly photo challenge of wordpress for the first time!! And my mind is overflowing with ideas! As an archaeologist I’m always looking down, to the floor, to the rests of human behaviour in the past and in the present. But as a solo traveller I try to be embedded in the canvas of the places I visit, I try to feel every place as I experience it. Sometimes, the best way of doing so is getting lost, because when you get lost all your senses are focused on the place where you are, you try to remember how you get there, you try to find the path that took you to the place where are you at that moment. I don’t know why, but when this happens, I always look up, like trying to find a clue in the roofs, in the balconies and in the façades that are visible from much farther than the sidewalks and streets I’m used to survey. And in those moment I discover the treasures that are hidden from the everyday.

A Balcony in Venice
A balcony in Venice

I discovered this postal in Venice, a gorgeous balcony and its wooden blinds, looking up. They are so different from the classic view of the canals, but at the same time those same balconies are part of the big postal. They’re just a hidden tree in a forest. This little things makes you thing about the different perspectives and opinions that people can have of a same place. That’s why every travel blog is different, because accounts the experiences of individuals that live each place differently.


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